This catalogue contains descriptions, technical information and ordering information
of all Interkontakt products. Finding a specific product is a simple procedure. Any of
three search methods gives you fast and easy access to a particular product. Just
follow the instructions below.

Browse the catalogue:

Useful if the exact product description or name is not known. This is an up to date version of our printed catalogue which can be requested online (only in the Netherlands and Belgium).
  • Select an item in the product group list.
         You will now get an overview of all products belonging to the selected group.
  • Select the required product or select another product group.

  • RoHS statement:

    As of July 1, 2006 all parts supplied by Interkontakt bv are in accordance with the RoHS directive. On order acknowledgements, delivery notes and invoices the description of the part number is followed by an asterisk (*).

    If the used plastic material is in accordance with Jedec 1 specification (260/20 sec.) the part number will end with a 5 instead the common 0 or 9.

    RoHS/Lead free information is based on information from the manufacturer. For this information Interkontakt bv can not be held responsible.

    Product Search on code:

    If the exact Interkontakt product code is known, then the Product Search on code is the fastest way to find a product.
  • Just enter the first three characters of the product code in the
         "Product Search on code" field. The required product will now directly
         be selected.

  • ABC-search:

    The ABC-search can be used to to search directly in the alphabetical list of products if the product name is known.